Our History


PFS Consulting was originally founded under the parent company of Production Framing Systems, which began framing production homes in 1993. They desired to work with a structural engineering firm that not only understood how buildings were put together, but how to put them together economically while still meeting the current building codes. PFS Consulting became incorporated in 2004 and started structural engineering design predominately in the home building industry - focusing almost exclusively in the Northern California region.

Terry Frizzell became VP of Operations in 2006 and rapidly expanded into Nevada and the Central and Southern regions of California, quickly becoming one of the premier engineering firms in the area. PFS Consulting covers the West Coast and currently holds engineering licenses in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah and Washington. The firm is now directed by Terry Frizzell as President and Patrick Modesitt as VP of Engineering. With experience in Single Family Dwellings, High Density Housing, and the Private Commercial Industry, we can serve your Structural Engineering needs.

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